Whitechapel Residency update
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 2:00PM
Simon Zimmerman in Hebe Arts, London, Our work, Whitechapel Gallery, information as material

The information as material residency at the Whitechapel Gallery is now well underway, with a number of events completed and two free-to-take poster poems by emerging poets and writers now out in the world (you can pick yours up from from the Gallery if you are in London - we're looking for somewhere in Leeds too).

The last event, The Summer School for Literary Perverts, took place at the end of July with a group of around 25 people participating in a programme of activity led by artists, Simon Morris and Nick Thurston, over the course of three days. Guests at the School included Paris-based writer and translator Kate Briggs and Canadian poet Christian Bok. The programme led up to a public event on the last night, with a crow packed into the Gallery to explore the "immersive textual environment" created by participants, and to hear Bok talk about his Xenotext Experiment, through which he is attempting to genetically engineer a living poem.

Upcoming events include:

Planning for the Autumnal School for Digital Perverts is underway, and will be led by Christine Morris and I. We'll be exploring how the Internet and digital and social media are challenging and opening up the possibilities for writing and publishing. Watch this space for more information.

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