Barca Crew Meet Up
Monday, August 15, 2011 at 1:55PM
Hebe Media in Barcelona, Hebe Fun, ICS, James Steward, Leeds

A couple of weeks ago we had night out with some of the people involved in the recent Leeds in Barcelona project. It seems everyone has been crazy busy since we got back doing really cool stuff, so it was great to get us all back together for one night!

We were missing a couple of the gang but a fun night was had by all. We caught up over a nice meal at the Mint Hotel with Marketing Leeds then headed off into the city, checking in at Azucar to see Howard Marks and the awesome Louise Rennison then we headed... actually things became a little fuzzy after that point but it was a great night! 

The night started out with a nice mealCatching up about what has happened sinceShang Ting & Stacey from Hebe!
James Steward, one of the designers who featured in BarcelonaGraham from ICSGiuseppe from ICS & Howard MarksIain from ICSICS & Howard MarksJosh from ICSLee from HebeJulia from Marketing LeedsRachel from Marketing LeedsStacey & GiuseppeNate Dogg & ZizouAfter hitting this the photos dried up ;)

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