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    Hebe Media’s Lee, The Birthday Boy!

    As Lee is out of the Hebe Media office today celebrating his 29th birthday I thought I would write a blog and list some of Lee Johnathan Hicken's greatest achievements before creating Hebe Media. Over the years Mr Hebe Media has achieved many things but I have to decided to pick out my favourite achievements for your enjoyment.

    Lee began to realise his ambitions from a young age. He started out by trying his hand at photography at just 7 years old. All the other kids just watched in awe.. (except me at the back ;-))

    I would also like to put the records straight and confirm that at age 10, Lee was actually the original creator of the ever so famous Ricky Gervais dance from the TV show The Office.

    After his childhood had past and he had reached his teens he had bigger better goals and being the entrepreneur that he has always been, he was making the news and talking on TV shows at just 16. Oh and doing a bit of modelling himself!

    At 19 he became a young Jerry Maguire and worked with different acts and he made things happen! Show me the money! He was not too shy about making sure people knew who he was (see the album cover below, and yes that is a bandana).

    After all that, and many other things along the way, Lee discovered, yet again, another talent within him and became an amazing Dj in both England and in Spain. He also created his own night called Clique which was successful in Harrogate and Barcelona. I remember those days well(surprisingly)... Check him on the decks.

    But to end this ode to the birthday boy, i will finish off with his biggest achievement by far, which is... wait for it.... the 8th wonder of the world, the Dj Booth Of Love. Not only did Lee build this amazing piece of art [along with a couple of his friends] he drank all the cans of beer himself. Always looking at the bigger picture is our wonderful birthday boy Lee.