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    We've talked about Men's Top 10 Trends in 2011 a couple of weeks ago, and now it's time to reveal what the women of Harajuku were rocking last year. Harajuku is one of the fashion hotspots of Japan, it is colourful, bold, and playful. In this little trend report, we can see that the Far East shared some similar trends with the West last year, but in terms of colour and pattern use, Harajuku girls always go the extra mile.


    See Through

    When I think of see through materials, the iconic trend would have to be YSL's 1969 sculpture gowns. Since 2010, this trend was popular among all styles, in 2011, Harajuku girls mainly use it with contrast materials.


    Mixed Materials

    Combinations of different materials have been introduced by many big brands since the Fall of 2011, and it soon became trendy for the Harajuku girls, who are really good at pulling it off. The denim and leather match was particularly popular.



    2011 Tartan was big among boys and girls in Harajuku, men wearing kilts, and the women love tartan coats, vintage style is preferable.


    Colour Block

     Everybody knows this trend last year, it was very popular before the earthquake struck Japan, but then did not seem to fit with the mood of the country. But the Harajuku girls brought it back to lighten up people's mood.


    Volume Coat

    This look was seen in many big brands in A/W 2011, Japanese girls generally like oversize knits to contrast their tiny frames. Last year, big sleeves were particulaly popular, with beige, camel, and grey colour to soften it up.


    White Tights 

    White tights appeared in Harajuku from late 2010, and became more popular in 2011. It represents the lolita spirit which is always popular in Japan, it was also a big element in Bottega Veneta 2011 Fall collection.



    The 'collar trend' was probably one of the most dominant trend last year. Who knew a tiny collar could make such a difference to one's style! Some say the collar trend in Japan began when Princess Diana visited Japan in 1986.



    Following the boys, platforms was big for girls as well. Platforms are always trendy, but you can see a lot of Converse, Dr. Martens platforms last year.


    Vintage Glasses

    2011, vintage glasses were very popular. They name girls that dare to wear big old school glasses "Akiba Girl" in Harajuku. 


    American Apparel Bag

    Cool, simple, chic, and cheap, the American Apparel tote bag was very popular among the Harajuku girls, especially the younger crowd.


    Source & images from

    Leeds Street Style: 13/12/10


    Top: Pop Boutique (Vintage)
    Dress: H&M
    Shoes: Vans
    Watch: Urban Outfitters
    Necklace: Vintage
    Ring: Vintage
    Tights/ Socks: Primark
    Sweater: Pop Boutique
    Rachel's favorite Leeds clothes shop: Pop Boutique


    Bottom: Edwin Jeans
    Coat: Barbour
    Shoes: Vans Old School
    Hair Accessories: Obey Beanie
    Joe's favorite Leeds clothes shop: HIP


    Coat: Vintage
    Bottom: Urban Outfitters
    Shoes: Vintage
    Bag: American Apparel
    Belt: Vintage
    Andrew's favorite Leeds clothes shop: Vivienne Westwood
    Describe the Leeds fashion scene in 1 word: Electric

    My Thoughts:

    I went cool-hunting last week in a freezing day, so big thanks for these beautiful people who pleasantly allowed me to shoot them.
    Rachel works in Pop Boutique, one of my favorite vintage shops. I love her accessories from head to toe, and she's such a friendly person, she's definitely not one of those shop assistants with attitude.
    I stopped Joe as he was on his way to a meeting, that's why he was holding a projector  (And no, it wasn't part of his accessories) I imagined Joe has a great knowledge of brands and is certain of his style, because of the brands he was wearing were from everywhere in the world - Scottish coat, American hat and shoes, and Japanese jeans. Or maybe he just buys everything from HIP. ♥
    Andrew uses many vintage items, and Leeds' vintage scene is definitely growing bigger and bigger the moment. Wearing boots normally shortens the length of legs, so I like where he positioned his belt to balance the proportion.
    Until next time! (Or maybe see you on the street! ;))
    Old fella with "FREESTYLE" on his backpack. ♥

    Leeds Street Style: 22/10/2010

    Yasmin Rusell

    Top: Topshop
    Bottom: Pink Cadillac
    Coat: Topshop
    Shoes: Catwalk
    Bag: Magic Vintage
    Belt: Magic Vintage
    Necklace: Magic Vintage
    Earrings: Primark
    Hair Accessories: Hand M
    Tights/ Socks: Topshop

    Yasmin's favorite Leeds clothes shop: Best Vintage
    Describe the Leeds fashion scene in 1 word: Good


    Jordan Lee

    Top: Sixers jersey
    Bottom: Upset Cream Jeans
    Coat: American Apparel
    Shoes: Vans
    Belt: Shoe laces
    Earrings: Stretchers


    Jasmine Hassett

    Top: Vivienne Westwood
    Coat: Vivienne Westwood
    Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
    Ring: Vivienne Westwood


    My Thoughts:

    As a coolhunter, I find cool couples always catch my eye. Yasmin's style is very much on the street trend, I like how she uses many vintage accessories to complete her look. Jordan's outfit is interesting to me, I find it very rare to see people wearing basketball shirts in England. I also like Jordan used shoe laces as a belt. I found Jasmine in Victoria Quarter, she worked in Vivienne Westwood which was why she wore everything from the brand... so everything on her was fabulous!



    Let The Cool Hunting Begin!

    I have been cool hunting in a number of different cities in the past, Taipei, Beijing, Barcelona, and now Leeds. So far I have been surprised... in a good way. All the people I've photographed have been very friendly, they stop and listen, respond well, and as you can see, they all have amazing smiles.

    We have started cool hunting in Leeds because we think it's important to follow the real trends on the street, what people are wearing. And maybe we can find out what makes fashion in Leeds different to other cities. -Stp