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    Marcus arrives at the Hebe Office

    Marcus Carlsson is the newest member of the Hebe team and I, for one, am very happy he has joined us. I met him through Lee in Barcelona a few years ago and I have, along with the rest of the Hebe team, spent some fun and creative times with Marcus AKA ‘The Pap’. We have shared strawberry mojitos, sang Billie Jean at the Karaoke bars in Barcelona and Marcus along with Lee lived in the Palace and co-built the DJ Booth of Love(In fact in The Palace blog you can see him in the background on his Mac).

    So you can all learn a little bit more about the man behind the beard I asked him a few questions:

    Marcus! Can I ask you a few questions?

    Yes, you can! 

    Who are you?

    Well, I see myself as a bit of an explorer, meaning that I believe in the concept of life long learning (I really do!) and i also have a constant lust for trying new things. I also think I'm a positive guy that sometimes feels that naivety is the best way to approach life. Why? Basically because I think that what you can learn from failures is miles more valuable than what you can learn from success. Leaving my own personal "safety zone" is something that I've pursued the last couple of years, both personally and definitely as a student and a professional...  I think this started with a move to Barcelona in 2005, where I also got to know fellow Hebe teammates Lee and Shang Ting through our studies at Instituto Europeo de Design

    Anyway, since 2005, I've worked quite a lot as a freelancer with projects in fashion, music and design, while also completing a bachelor in marketing and communication and my master's degree in Design Management. My experience and studies have given me a quite sober way of looking at business or result driven projects. 

    However, it's only just now though, after going through a life changing year studying creative techniques, innovation, and strategy during the Design Management master, I have realized that my passion is the always the path... not the end result. Basically, as soon as I complete something I need to take a new turn, try something new, or just start over again... 

    I'm going on a bit here I think, but to sum up, I came to Leeds to work on exciting projects with a fun, creative and daring team that's not afraid to fail... 

    Why are you here?

    I might have mentioned some if that already, but basically to keep pushing myself to develop as a person and a professional. In addition to that I want to be able to inspire and also push my surroundings towards new unexplored land. 

    What are the top 3 things you want to do while in Leeds?

    ''Hmmm... Good question, for sure, since I'm quite the football fan, I want to go to a Leeds United game, drink some beer from the local brewery, and maybe see some of the music and try the nightlife scene around here. I've heard that it's supposed to be quite good...''

    And anything else you want to add!

    ''I like people!''

    And what do the Hebe team think about our newest member?

    Lee: ''It is great to have Marcus working with us. We studied together in Barcelona at IED and worked together on the Leeds in Barcelona project last year and he always gives a new dimension to the things we do. We have some amazing projects coming up this year and Marcus will be helping Hebe make those even better by adding his creativity and a bit of Swedish-ness to everything we do!''

    Shang Ting: ''I always remembered Marcus was one of the most friendly, genuine person in my class, so I'm very happy he can join us for a while. When we were in school, Marcus' was brilliant of bringing his passion into his projects, like music, technology, Swedish heritage, and youtube videos. We are all confident Marcus will bring lots of creativity and energy to the Hebe team.''

    Simon: ''I am very happy that Marcus is here and i am excited about all the projects we have lined up, and having Marcus here as part of it all will be beneficial for our team. Plus we will show him Leeds and have lots of fun like we did in Barca!''

    Well I hope you have learned a little bit more about Hebe’s newest member because, for sure, you are going to see his face out and about town, so don’t be afraid to say hello!