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    STP's Far East Feature: 2011 Men's Top 10 Trends @ Tokyo Harajuku

    Since I've been living in the East and the West for the past 6 years, it's always an hobby (and also my job) to observate the fashion between both sides. I found a survey done by Japan's street style/ trend report website, and I thought it might be fun to show people last year's top 10 biggest trend in Tokyo's fashion central, Harajuku.


    Super Short Shorts

    Cotton shorts became popular in 2010, but in 2011, they are even shorter! How short is super short? The key is to be at least beyond the knees. In the spring, summer, Harajuku men were embracing men's hot pants and showing off their lean legs that would even make girls jealous.


    Kilt/ Tartan Skirt

    Since 2008, man's skirt trend started to appear in Harajuku. Since tartan was a popular element last year, obviously men in skirts became the much more manly, men in kilt.


    Side Parting

    2011's theme was "Classic", approximately 8:2 ratio side parting hair style was very popular. Maybe Harajuku was also blown by Mad Men's stylish wind?



    More and more guys on the street of Harajuku can be seen with a bicycle. The boom happened after the big earthquake struck Japan last year and many people couldn't get home without the metro. Now people are persuing a more fashionable, environment friendly lifestyle. 


    Denim on Denim

    This late 80s till 90s trend has been popular amongst the girls in Harajuku since 2008, but in 2011, the men are owning this look.



    Men's high heels was a big trend in 2010, in 2011, thanks to Parda's S/S men's platform shoes, Harajuku men tried many different material platforms. This kinda punk-y look was also favoured by girls.



    German luxury brand Mode Creation Munich became one of the hottest brand in Harajuku last year, the reason they became trendy again was because they re-branded themselves to a more street trend brand by collaborating with some of the coolest designers and bloggers from Harajuku. A luxury brand to a street brand, good strategy.


    1 Time Fold Up

    To give a slim silhouette a final finish is to follow Harajuku's golden "1 Time Fold Up" rule. In the summer guys can show their ankles, in the winer, they chose a bright colour socks to give it a twist.



    How hard is to wear sweatpants cool? It's probably as hard as trying to make a men's brief a fashion item. But it might just be because it's a difficult challenge, it became creative Harajuku men's popular element last year. The important note is to match them with formal wear or harder material. The guys looked quite playful, don't you think?



    The idea is to use flashy patterns but traditional suit wear to create a contrast and bold look. Denim on Denim can also fall in this category, but by using patterns and textiles it's even more advanced. Isn't the old man on the right the pimpest but in the same time the cutest old man you've ever seen?

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