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    Team Hebe are currently working away on a new exhibition launching in Leeds Gallery very soon, featuring some of the amazing artwork of Back to Basics. Our research and planning has led to us rediscovering some of the best memories and music from the 90's clubbing scene in Leeds.

    The Back to Basics exhibition will feature a special piece of work, created for the exhibition by Leeds expat Paul Fryer. While doing some research into Paul's work and his relationship to Leeds, we stumbled upon this gem of a video from The Kit Kat Club, which spawned the legendary Vague. To quote the video description:

    "The Kit Kat Club, filmed in 1992 on 16mm. It was assembled with a selection of tracks that the lucky members of the club might well have heard at the time. The KKC was created by Paul Fryer and Suzy Mason as an antidote to the impersonal and often malevolent night clubs that were the grotty and uninspiring norm at that time, and was brought into being by them in association with Peter Master and the late Paul Lamont. The KKC had a cigarette girl, a cage, blue cocktails and cheap champagne, a variety act most weeks, a cage for dancing in and some very glamorous and funny clientele. The club later transmogrified into the legendary Leeds mixed club vague, who's history is a little better documented. I hope you enjoy this little piece of club history, with my Best Wishes, Paul Fryer (thanks Howard Storey for finding the footage, this short was created from rushes of the Cud video Purple Love Balloon, which was filmed in the KKC and directed by Chris Madden and produced by Steve Shone.)"

    We have much more coming on Back to Basics and Paul Fryer in the next couple of weeks as the exhibition begins proper!

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